Domino’s team members vote for new Enterprise Agreement

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Domino’s) Australian employees have voted in favour of a new Enterprise Agreement.

The vote in favour of the Agreement is the next important step in Domino’s becoming one of the first Australian quick service restaurants to offer employees a fully modernised agreement, offering terms better than the Modern Award.

89% of employees who voted were in favour of the new agreement.

Meltdown! Domino’s set to run out of Vegan Cheese!

Just last week Domino’s Australia announced the addition of Vegan Cheese to its menu and Vegans went into meltdown! So much so, stores are running out but customers should remain calm…Domino’s is on the case to get in a Mozza and this time it’s set to stay!

Domino’s CEO Australia and New Zealand, Nick Knight said more Vegan Cheese was on its way from supplier, Follow Your Heart but urged customers to get in quick and check with their local store, as it would take time to get new stock into all stores across Australia.

Just Ask Alexa; “Please Place My Favourite Domino’s Order!”

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino’s) has added yet another way for customers to place their order and this time it’s as simple as asking Alexa to place their favourite order via voice ordering using an Alexa device like Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is a family of hands free devices with built in speakers, controlled by your voice.

Alexa is the cloud-based voice service behind Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices.

Domino’s Wentworthville Robbery

We are devastated to hear the news regarding one of our own team members involved in the armed robbery at our Wentworthville Domino’s store in the early hours of this morning (Sunday 7 January).

An armed thief approached staff about 1:30am this morning, demanding money before one team member was shot. He is in a stable condition in hospital.

Our number one focus and priority is the health and wellbeing of this team member. We have spoken with his next of kin and will provide all the support we can to him and his family during this time.

Domino’s set to become one of the first Australian QSR’s to offer employees a fully modernised Agreement

From Tuesday 2 January 2018, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Domino’s) is set to start the process to become one of the first Australian QSRs to offer employees a fully modernised agreement which will offer terms better than the Modern Award.

Negotiations for the new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) have been ongoing with the relevant parties, including the SDA Union for the past 18 months, with Domino’s already increasing team members’ take-home pay in good faith in anticipation of the new Agreements.

That's some sugar rush! Domino's releases a DESSERT pizza (Daily Mail)

Move over cheese, step aside pepperoni, there's a new pizza in town - and it's got something a little sweeter to give us. 

Domino's has released its first ever dessert pizza - a decadent chocolate concoction that packs a whopping 1,822 calories. 

The Chocoholic Dessert Pizza has a milk chocolate base and is topped with chocolate brownie chunks, mini marshmallows, and white and milk chocolate and buttons. 

Domino’s celebrates one year of working with local wheat farmers, the Doolins

To celebrate a successful first year of working together, Domino’s Procurement team visited the Doolin family on their wheat farm in North Star yesterday.

The Doolins supply approximately 20% of the wheat used in Domino’s pizza bases across Australia.

Domino’s Group Chief Procurement Officer John Harney said the Company was proud to be working directly with the successful fourth-generation Australian farmers.

Vegan Cheese? Yes Please!

Passionate Vegan Pizza lovers can rejoice as Domino’s has today announced the Company will launch a petition to test demand for Vegan Cheese across Australia.

The Company says it will add Vegan Cheese to its menu if there is enough interest from customers.

Domino’s Reveal Top 10 Unusual Pizza Delivery Locations A Week After Launching Domino’s Anywhere

Just one week after launching Domino’s new online ordering platform Domino’s Anywhere, the pizza company has confirmed its top ten most interesting delivering locations as confirmed by Store Managers and Delivery Experts.

Pizza loving customers can now order pizza to any location with the introduction of Domino’s Anywhere which allows mobile customers to order using a maps-based pin drop feature.