Pizza poll finds election win still up for grabs!

The election win is still up for grabs according to a Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker poll, which found 55 per cent of Australia’s pizza lovers are still undecided as to who they will be voting for in Saturday’s Federal Election.

Of the 44,000 unique responses to these polls, the majority of respondents were in the 18 – 30 year age bracket (55 per cent). This result comes at a time where young voter enrolment is at an all-time high, with the AEC estimating 88.8 per cent of eligible 18-24 year olds are enrolled to vote.

“Hey Google, ask Domino’s for my last saved order”

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino’s) has partnered with Google to add yet another way for customers to place and track orders via the Google Assistant.

The company last year launched ordering via Amazon Alexa to offer a similar service; making it the only quick service restaurant in Australia to use voice technology for online ordering.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises acquires Domino’s Pizza territory in Denmark

DPE today announces that it has executed an asset sale agreement to acquire corporate store assets and rights and entitlements in respect of franchise operations in Denmark previously owned by DPS for approximately €2.5 million. DPS ceased operations and entered administration in early March 2019.

Completion of each store asset package is conditional on lessor consents to the assignment of the relevant store lease. Completion is expected to occur progressively during April and May 2019.

Joint winners: NSW and SA are the most giving communities in Australia!

It’s official! New South Wales and South Australian pizza lovers are the most giving communities across Australia, choosing to round up their online Domino’s orders to the nearest dollar and donate these funds directly to charity.

Domino’s registered charity, Give for Good launched its Round Up For Charity initiative at the beginning of August 2018 and in such a short amount of time, a massive 1.3 million micro-donations has been made.

Domino’s Digital and Augmented Reality – our journey

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises started its digital journey more than a decade ago in 2006, delivering an experience that went beyond what could be achieved via ordering in store or over the phone. 

At around that time, Domino’s launched a platform that was as visual as possible for customers, (using Flash), because great food visuals helps sell food plus shares with the customers what they are going to get. Other ways we enhanced the ordering experience was giving customers even greater control and visibility of their order. 

Legally dancing: Domino’s Legal Counsel is raising vital funds to support Women’s Legal Service Queensland

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises is dipping its dancing toes in the Dancing CEOs 2019 event for a second time with this year’s representative, Senior Legal Counsel, Erin Walford taking to the stage in May raising vital funds for Women’s Legal Service Queensland. Taking part in this year’s event, Erin will be dancing for a worthy cause; supporting women and kids facing domestic violence. Women’s Legal Service Queensland provides free legal and welfare help to women in Queensland. 

Domino’s launches new tastier, stretchier mozzarella

More cheese yes please! Australia’s largest pizza company, Domino’s has launched a new mozzarella that promises to be stretchier and tastier than ever, as well as a cheesy new crust.

Domino’s Global Development Chef, Michael Treacy said the new mozzarella and Cheese on Crust is now available in stores.

Domino’s raises $75,000 for flood affected North Queensland through Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

Domino’s Queensland stores have shown their love by supporting North Queenslanders in flood affected areas, banding together to raise $75,000 through a state-wide ‘Doughraiser’ on Wednesday 13 February 2019.

All funds raised during the Doughraiser go towards the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund, which supports Red Cross’ work in domestic emergencies

Domino’s to raise dough for flood affected North Queensland through Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

Australia’s largest pizza maker, Domino’s has announced all of its Queensland stores will band together to raise much-needed dough in a state-wide Doughraiser on Wednesday 13 February, donating $1 from every pizza sold. All funds raised during the Doughraiser will be donated to the Australian Red Cross’ Disaster Relief and Recovery fund, which supports Red Cross’ work in domestic emergencies.

Pineapple on pizza? Domino’s settles the great Aussie pizza debate once and for all

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino’s) has finally settled the long-standing, great Aussie debate about pineapple’s place on a pizza and declared once and for all, pineapple does belong on pizza!
 Just in time for Australia Day, the pizza peeps crunched the numbers and in 2018 a staggering
2, 213, 928* pizza lovers requested MORE pineapple toppings be added to their pizza. However, the numbers team also recorded 184,494* pizza lovers opting to remove the tropical fruit all together.

Domino’s launches 3-Cheese-Stacker with Augmented Reality

Australia’s largest pizza company, Domino’s, has launched its most indulgent pizza crust yet, the 3-Cheese-Stacker, available in stores across Australia today.

Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said the 3-Cheese-Stacker features layers of swiss and cheddar sauce, stretchy mozzarella and a swirl of cheese sauce on top.

Domino’s unveils new summer vegan pizza

Australia’s largest pizza maker, Domino’s is celebrating Veganuary and giving vegan pizza lovers more of what they love – a new Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza which hits all 700+ Aussie stores today.  

Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said the Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza is all about embracing the flavours of summer like pineapple and barbeque sauce, as part of the third phase of its Official Pizza of Summer campaign.

BIG NEWS: Domino’s launches its BIGGEST pizza yet!

From today onwards Domino’s stores across Australia will be giving pizza lovers something to really get excited about with the chance for them to order the biggest pizza on the menu – ever, The BIG ONE!
It features four fully-loaded quarters of Domino’s most popular recipes – Pepperoni, Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers and Hawaiian – each roughly equivalent in size to two large pizzas.

One million microdonations from generous pizza lovers

In just six months, generous pizza lovers across the Country have generously rounded up their order over one million times with the microdonations being collected by Domino’s Round Up For Charity initiative.

The small change is already making a big difference with it all being donated to Domino’s registered charity, Give for Good and its partners, which support education and youth initiatives, leadership and entrepreneurship, rural communities, and disaster relief across Australia.

Domino’s Launches World’s First Augmented Reality (AR) Pizza Chef

If you’ve ever been stuck for choice and not sure what pizza to order chances are you’re not alone!

Today, Domino’s announced there’s billions of possible combinations and to make things easier for customers they’ve released their New Pizza Chef, which uses the latest in Augmented Reality (AR) technology to help customers create their ultimate, favourite pizzas.