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Domino’s Reveal Top 10 Unusual Pizza Delivery Locations A Week After Launching Domino’s Anywhere

Domino’s Reveal Top 10 Unusual Pizza Delivery Locations A Week After Launching Domino’s Anywhere

Just one week after launching Domino’s new online ordering platform Domino’s Anywhere, the pizza company has confirmed its top ten most interesting delivering locations as confirmed by Store Managers and Delivery Experts.

Pizza loving customers can now order pizza to any location with the introduction of Domino’s Anywhere which allows mobile customers to order using a maps-based pin drop feature.

For customers this means pizza can be delivered right to customer’s beach towels and picnic blankets and customers have been quick to take advantage of the new platform.

Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said that customers have really embraced the new platform after it launched in Australia a week ago.

“When our customers get a craving for pizza, we know they just have to have it and it’s great this new feature gives our customers a whole new meaning to convenience,” said Mr Knight.

A week after launching the GPS technology to the public, Domino’s has shared some of the best and the most unusual pizza delivery locations.

  1. A Beach Towel
    “A delivery order came through at the store from a customer asking us to meet him on the jetty near where he was fishing. He was all set up for the day and told me he wasn’t having much luck – hence why he needed pizza!” – A Domino’s Delivery Expert.

  2. On a Boat
    “An order came through the other day where a customer ordered directly to their boat at a harbour.” – A Domino’s Manager.

  3. To the Airport
    “Some customers who worked at the airport were putting on lunch for their team so they asked us to deliver to the QANTAS valet at the domestic airport where an officer in a blue uniform met our Driver to take the order.” – A Domino’s Manager.

  4. At Hospital
    “A customer wanted to treat their family member who had just been through surgery in hospital so instead of hospital food, they ordered Domino’s directly to their bed on the surgical ward! The patient was so stoked when I arrived on the ward with the pizzas!” – A Domino’s Delivery Expert.

  5. To Parliament House
    “An order came through to directly outside Parliament House!” – A Domino’s Manager.

  6. At a Caravan Park
    “A customer wanted to feed his family who were holidaying at a Caravan Park. Everyone’s eyes lit up when I arrived with their dinner,” – A Domino’s Delivery Expert.

  7. At a Military Base
    “A customer wanted his order delivered outside the Royal Australian Navy base.” – A Domino’s Manager.
    “We delivered an order to a customer at the Army base.” – A Domino’s Delivery Expert.

  8. On the Go
    “A truck driver ordered lunch to his jobsite. He was working when I arrived with his pizzas but he stopped work and met me when I got there.” – A Domino’s Delivery Expert.

  9. Outdoor Workers
    “A customer who was selling flowers on the side of the road and couldn’t leave to get some lunch ordered Domino’s directly to their flower van on the side of the road.” – A Domino’s Manager.

  10. To a Cherry Picker
    “A customer ordered Domino’s directly to their cherry picker! The instructions were: I’m on the street in high vis and a hard hat. You can’t miss me because I’m in a big purple cherry picker!” – A Domino’s Delivery Expert.

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Mr Knight confirmed that the Company is taking care of hunger needs literally anywhere.

“We know that pizza is a social sharing food, and many of these occasions occur outside a residence. With Domino’s Anywhere, customers are able to pin drop their location and Delivery Experts will be able to meet them outside with their piping hot delivery.

“When a customer uses Domino’s Anywhere, the platform is able to detect that the selected location is outside and will prompt customers for further information including delivery instructions and safety inclusions.

“We look forward to continuing to meet our customers in these locations and offering them a whole new meaning to convenience.”

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