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Domino’s duo invest in the future

Domino’s duo invest in the future

When Chad Cable started working in store at Domino’s when he was 16 years old, he never expected where it would take him.    

He became a partner in his first store at 21 and now, five years later, is one of Domino’s youngest and most successful franchisees.

There’s been a lot of pizzas through the oven in that time: Chad and his business partner David Hutchinson have served more than 2.6 million pizzas, to more than 1.2 million customers in their six stores.

Despite that success, Chad said every pizza was equally important.

“We have a lot of young people working for us,” Chad said, “and one of the lessons that we try to give them is that every customer, every order, is important.

“I think that’s what’s important about getting a job in a company like Domino’s, the lessons you learn are as important in a pizza shop as in a professional career.

“We have people who want a job at Domino’s just for some money while they’re at school or university, and then we have people who want to build a career here, or even want to own their own store – it’s all possible.

“At Domino’s there is a real culture of promoting from within and supporting team members to achieve their goals. Without the opportunities offered to me by my business partner Hutchy, I would never have thought it was possible to own my own business.”
Domino’s has recently moved to the Fast Food Industry Award (Modern Award) that provides team members wages that are among the highest in the industry, including penalty rates. The Company believes it will allow Domino’s to be an employer of choice to thousands of young Australians.

“We genuinely do work to share our success with team members – we know that one of the biggest reasons for success is a great team, so we even have bonuses.

“But ultimately it’s fun – that’s how people describe working in a Domino’s store. It’s hard work but you’re working alongside great people, earning good money, and having fun.”

Now Chad is cooking up even bigger plans, hoping to open 10 more stores in the next five years, as well as inspire future Chads and provide them the same opportunities his business partner Hutchy gave him.

His recipe for success is simple: “Never stop learning, always be hungry for more, stay focused and hustle,” he said.

Hutchy also started in the business working in store as a teenager and worked his way up to become his own boss.

“I was given the opportunity to become a partner in a store at a young age and it has been rewarding to be able to offer the same opportunity to Chad and build a store network together.

“I have made so many great friends in the business. Domino’s is a great challenge and it motivates me every day to set new benchmarks in the business, which gives me a great passion in life.”

The pair will soon be opening their seventh store at Googong in the coming months and already have their sights set on an eighth store.

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