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Young pizza prodigies take on new role as franchisees

Young pizza prodigies take on new role as franchisees

If you’ve ever thought about leaving the corporate world behind and becoming your own boss? Finished university and decided a new career path is for you? – this young couple have done it.

After a decade working for Domino’s, Vanessa Van Der Ryst and partner Nathan Quiring decided to become ‘pizza-preneurs’, and have become the franchisees of not one, but two stores in Armidale.

The pair recognise it’s a big challenge and a big decision, but already it’s paying dividends.

Nathan didn’t start out wanting to own his own Domino’s, he had a part-time job delivering pizzas while at university studying teaching.

“After graduating, I just couldn’t leave – I always had a great time working at Domino’s, I made good friends, and I started to see all these opportunities – and here we are.”

Vanessa and Nathan had most recently worked as coaches for Domino’s, helping other franchisees build and improve their business.

Now they’re helping young people, just like them 10 years ago, many of them in their first jobs.

“Every day I work with young people, and they’re learning important skills that will benefit them in a successful career,” Vanessa said.

“I think there’s this idea that a job at Domino’s is just a part-time, temporary job, and it can be if that’s what you want. But if you want to make it a career, or pay your way through university, we’re proof that’s possible too.

Domino’s has recently moved to the Fast Food Industry Award (Modern Award) that provides team members wages that are among the highest in the industry, including penalty rates.

Nathan said he believes it will allow Domino’s to be an employer of choice in his local community.

“I have been in this business for a decade, and you can see that if you work hard you are rewarded for it – whether you want to make or deliver pizzas, manage a store, or own your own - you can be in control of your own success.

“That’s an exciting opportunity.”

Domino’s duo invest in the future

Domino’s duo invest in the future

From pizza delivery drivers to multiple store owners

From pizza delivery drivers to multiple store owners