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Domino’s Digital and Augmented Reality – our journey

Domino’s Digital and Augmented Reality – our journey

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises started its digital journey more than a decade ago in 2006, delivering an experience that went beyond what could be achieved via ordering in store or over the phone. 

At around that time, Domino’s launched a platform that was as visual as possible for customers, (using Flash), because great food visuals helps sell food plus shares with the customers what they are going to get. Other ways we enhanced the ordering experience was giving customers even greater control and visibility of their order. 

We offered Real time tracking for customer’s order, via Pizza Tracker, which showcased why ordering online is better than ordering in store. This also set the foundations of our approach to anything digital; a new solution must enhance the customer experience in a useful way. We have been working hard on building our digital experience and database and over time, we are now in a position where online for Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) now regularly exceed 70 per cent of network sales. The total number of pizzas and sides ordered online regularly exceed 2 million per week, which demonstrates our loyal customer base. We have also deployed our digital platforms into our other international markets, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Japan.  Over that time we have seen great digital growth in these markets. With our vision to lead the internet of food in every neighbourhood, our determination to drive more online sales will continue to grow.

 We have been refining our software systems to keep up with the technology changes to ensure we always remain in a competitive space and deliver customers more of what they want. Early adoption and being agile in this space is critical to success

One of our most recent solutions, New Pizza Chef with Augmented Reality (AR), enhances the customer experience as well as providing some fun and interactive features.  Using Augmented Reality, we provide customers with a unique experience with Domino’s digital ordering system.  This allows customers visually to create a pizza in real time with billions of different combinations on top of a table in their own house or the location they are in.  It is the closest a customer can get to being in store making a pizza of their choice.  It is truly an unmatched ordering experience that allows customers to create their own unique pizza creations.

Although New Pizza Chef with AR offers a unique pizza ordering experience, we had to be sure customers were open to using AR before we pushed ahead with the project. To do this we ran a pretotype within our 2D Pizza Chef solution. We measured high volumes of interest in using AR, so we know that there was customer interest and backing behind the idea.

A key to our digital growth has been delivering digital solutions that enhances the customer experience plus the online ordering knowledge we have built up over all our markets in the last decade.  We look forward to demonstrating more innovations to keep improving the online ordering experience.

If you are interested in working for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises in our Technology department we are currently on the lookout now for great talent to help bring all our ideas to life. 

Senior Business Analyst

Quality Engineer

Senior Quality Engineer

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Note: all positions are based in Head Office, Hamilton Brisbane, QLD.

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Joint winners: NSW and SA are the most giving communities in Australia!

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