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Pizza poll finds election win still up for grabs!

Pizza poll finds election win still up for grabs!

The election win is still up for grabs according to a Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker poll, which found 55 per cent of Australia’s pizza lovers are still undecided as to who they will be voting for in Saturday’s Federal Election.

Of the 44,000 unique responses to these polls, the majority of respondents were in the 18 – 30 year age bracket (55 per cent). This result comes at a time where young voter enrolment is at an all-time high, with the AEC estimating 88.8 per cent of eligible 18-24 year olds are enrolled to vote.

The pizza poll found that Labor currently has a slight edge over the LNP (24 per cent vs. 17 per cent respectively), however a large portion of pizza lovers plan to vote for independents or still haven’t made up their mind.

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said Domino’s is able to gather this information by using a polling tool within the Company’s mobile app.

“Thousands of customers order from Domino’s every day and visit our Live Pizza Tracker page to watch the progress of their pizza, so why not find out more about their sentiments on pizza and politics while they’re there!”

“The results from our polls, which received over 44,000 unique responses, found that the younger demographic can still be won,” Mr Knight said.

“With the election just three days away, we were surprised to find that 55 per cent were still undecided as to which party they would be voting for.

“Unfortunately, unlike when they order from Domino’s, voters can’t choose a half ‘n’ half if they’re feeling indecisive, so it will be interesting to see which way the undecided sway as they could ultimately decide the outcome of this election,” Mr Knight said.

“In positive news, 46 per cent of people will be eating pizza on election night and 59 per cent believe there should be an official pizza party running for office – although we’re not too sure that one will come to fruition anytime soon!”

Mr Knight said opportunities with pizza polls were endless, allowing the Company to ask customers anything in real-time to drive strategic business decisions and get a quick pulse on important and topical issues.

“It’s a fantastic tool to get to know our customers better and improve the overall customer experience,” Mr Knight said.

Domino’s has been utilising the polling function within GPS Driver Tracker since it launched in 2015.



“Hey Google, ask Domino’s for my last saved order”

“Hey Google, ask Domino’s for my last saved order”